A $4B global engineered products company was losing market share. They recognized that they needed to overhaul their corporate strategy in order to re-establish their leadership position in their key markets and to take advantage of emerging growth opportunities.


Chartic facilitated a strategic process that combined critical insights on emerging industry trends with targeted analyses to highlight specific opportunities for innovation and market disruption.

We helped define the specific ways in which our client could provide meaningful, differentiated value to its customers.

Chartic then worked closely with senior management to develop an execution path that prioritized key action items along with the specific responsibilities, metrics and investments required for success.


Our client has since realigned its organization to benefit from synergies across its key businesses, developed a clear criteria for how it would deploy growth capital and entered new emerging markets.

The company has regained its momentum, re-established its leadership position in its key markets and has repositioned itself to capture even greater growth going forward.