A division of $2B global chemicals company had achieved considerable success with innovative specialty building products. By maintaining a dominant market share of fast growing markets, they had achieved enviable financial results but as the market matured, they knew that this successful run was peaking. They wanted to know which adjacent markets they should enter to continue their impressive growth.


Chartic worked closely with the client to understand where the company’s business model, brand, skills, assets and relationships would be competitively advantaged in new markets.

After conducting targeted quantitative and qualitative analysis of potential target markets, we highlighted a set of potential adjacency moves based on the industry economics and trends, the business models of leading competitors and the capabilities required for success.

We helped the client make an informed strategic decision supported with critical insights on fundamental industry attractiveness, actionable synergies and secondary opportunities.


Our client successfully developed an innovative new offering that enabled them to transfer their technological capabilities and brand position into an adjacent and highly profitable market.