Our client is a global multi-divisional conglomerate and each of their businesses was focused exclusively on selling to their key customers. However, many of their customers also had a broader set of needs that our client could only address through a well-coordinated effort that would combine multiple products and components from across their businesses into a single, coherent customer offering. Our client was finding it exceedingly difficult to work collaboratively to capture these broader opportunities.

They asked Chartic to help them capture a significant opportunity in the food industry.


Chartic first confirmed that the market opportunity was indeed highly attractive for our client. We conducted targeted primary research with customers to clearly define the opportunity and to specify the various components and capabilities that each of our client’s business would need to provide.

We then built the investment case to highlight the specific costs and returns.

We worked across all levels of management to help aligned the organization around the opportunity and provided the necessary objectives and process metrics to drive execution.


Sales to this new market segment have grown dramatically, and have very quickly produced multi-million dollar revenues and high-margin growth.

This effort then became the framework for continually identifying and moving quickly across businesses to capture broader market opportunities.